This egg recipes for babies and toddlers is to teach mums three different and simple ways to prepare the nutritious meal for their children.  Eggs are a great source of protein containing about 6 grams as well as 14 essential vitamins and minerals iron, zinc, calcium, folic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B12 and E.  They have the second highest quality protein, the first being breast milk.  They are easy to prepare in so many great ways and easily digested too.

Health benefits of eggs for babies and todders

Good source of protein –   Protein is one of the vital nutrients needed by growing babies and children on a daily basis.  Eggs are rich in quality proteins that are complete in  all essential amino acids making it able to supply the building blocks needed for optimum growth.

Good source of iron  – this is also an important  nutrient needed for growing children.  Lack of iron results in kids getting easily tired and could lead to anemia and low blood levels.

High in cholesterol –  growing babies and toddlers need fats and cholesterol for brain development which happens more around this age.   Eggs also contain choline  which is also essential for brain development.

Stronger immune system –   eggs are rich in selenium, known to boost the immune system.  They also contain zinc which is useful in controlling the  immune system cells that fight off invading microbes.

How to make healthy Potatoes and egg yolk for babies


Eggs can be safely introduced from six months of age when your baby is starting complimentary foods.  Boiled egg yolk can be introduced first since it’s easier to digest than the whites.  The egg yolk is also a good source of essential fatty acids and proteins.

Eggs can also be scrambled and fried or added into baked recipes.  Avoid giving your child raw eggs or slightly cooked eggs as they pose a threat of  food poisoning caused by salmonella.  When cooking eggs, please ensure that the eggs are well cooked and firm especially the yolk.



Two egg yolk
One pureed veggies – carrots, peas, spring onion, green, red or yellow pepper
A teaspoon of oil
Breastmilk, formula or whole milk

1. Crack the eggs and separate the white from the yolk
2. Place the oil in a frying pan
3. Mix the yolk in a bowl with formula, breastmilk or whole milk (for older babies) and pour into the frying pan
4. Stir often and add in a tablespoon of the pureed veggies or soft dices of cooked veggies ( for older babies and toddlers)
5. Cook over medium heat, stirring continuously till cooked



One large egg
Half avocado

1. Boil eggs till hard boiled
2. Remove from heat and place in a bowl of cold water to cool
3. Peel eggs and place in a bowl.  Mash well and set aside
4. Cut avocado into two, remove pit and scoop out the flesh from half of it.  Place in bowl and mash well with a fork.
5. Add in the egg and mash together.



One sweet potato
One egg

1. Cut sweet potato into cubes and place on heat to steam or boil till tender
2. Mash or puree to desired consistency
3. Whisk eggs and add in the pureed sweet potato, mix well
4. Heat pan over medium heat, add in a little oil and pour in the mixture, stirring often will well cooked and thick
5. Remove from heat and serve