Shopping for Christmas can be stressful but few tips will reduce these stress. End of the year is here, a season of giving and sharing and it is once a year combine with many activities that demand women to engage in special shopping. The responsibility of shopping for gifts for the family, friends, business associates, customers etc.

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It is wisdom to know how to shop smart before you head towards your favorite malls or familiar marketplace.  

Here are some tips that will help you shop without stress and save money:

  1. Take advantage of time: You will save yourself from pressure of last minute shopping with stress and save more money when you consider to do your end of the year shopping early in the first week of December or even last week in November. Also you have the opportunity to be more organized when your shopping is gradual but start in October!
  2. Develop a list: This must be first priority. Your list helps not to overspend or buy things you don’t want or need. Remember this is hard earned money and the time you will spend for quality planning would worth it.
  3. Set a budget: This will help to checkmate your spending and enhance your negotiation while shopping. It will serve as a parameter over the money not to be overspent and to only buy what you can currently afford.
  4. Shop when you are emotionally balanced: Don’t shop when you are tired, upset or hungry because the state of your emotion will determine if you will shop smart or do otherwise.
  5. Take advantage of online shopping: This will save you from stress to shop through crowds in the marketplace or malls. It also helps you to be organized in your buying without burning energy and save your precious time.


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Happy shopping!