Choosing the right hospital to give birth to your child should be one of the priorities of every pregnant woman.

How will you go about to choose the right hospital as a pregnant mom? Should you consider private, specialist, General hospitals, health centre or just choose a hospital near you? What criteria should you put into consideration as a guide to choosing the right hospital to give birth?

Though sometimes, you might not find a hospital which meets all your requirements. In such cases, you can always give priority to criteria like distance from home, the availability of NICU, hospital facilities to handle an emergency, what’s the quality of gynaecologist, Doctor, nursing staff, of paediatrician etc. Use the following guides to choose the right hospital to give birth to your child:

  • Check with the hospital about approximate charges for normal delivery and cesarean delivery, and verify if it suits your budget. In case your health insurance provides you maternity cover, then you have to choose from the network hospitals only. You should also check the amount of maternity cover provided by your insurance and choose your hospital and the type of room accordingly.
  • Check for the facilities for high-risk pregnancies: If you’ve had a difficult pregnancy, a complicated past delivery or any preexisting health condition that may affect your pregnancy, find a hospital that will be able to accommodate you in the worst-case scenario. It would be really inconvenient if your baby is in NICU of one hospital and you recovering in another, especially after a C-section. It will also be convenient for you to breastfeed your baby at regular intervals if your baby is in the same hospital.

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  • What is the distance travel of the hospital from your home? The distance of the hospital from your place of residence is a highly important factor to consider while choosing the hospital. Ideally, you should be able to reach the hospital within half an hour even in peak traffic hours. It is best to choose a hospital close by as you would not have to worry about covering the distance or traffic woes when the baby is on the way.

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  • What is the rate of C section delivery? Recent research suggests that c-section rates vary greatly, from hospital to hospital within a country or even city. And the hospital you choose can have an effect on whether you end up giving birth vaginally or not.
  • What are the hospital rules? Get the list of the hospital rules related to delivery and check if they are things you are comfortable with or you need to request for an adjustment to suit your plan.
  • Find out if the service of Obstetrician on call or in-house: Your gynaecologist may not be available in the hospital 24/7. Usually, hospitals have an on-call or an in-house obstetrician who will be there to attend all emergency cases.

In case your obstetrician is not available at the time of your delivery, the hospital should have qualified obstetricians to handle your delivery and also be able to handle any complications, if necessary.

Dear Pregnant women, After all of the criteria, trust your instincts and check how comfortable you feel in the hospital environment. If you feel warm and comfortable speaking to the nursing staff and the support staff, it is a plus factor. Always prefer a hospital which meets your requirement rather than preferring famous and branded hospitals.

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Do you have more factors to consider before choosing the right hospital to give birth to your child, add to it the list in the comment section below and I will update it.