We  are honoured to host Mrs.Priscilla Canice-Obi (A mum of two adorable, HR Pro and author) as she shares her motherhood experience in series:


I was 42weeks gone in my first pregnancy with no sign of labour. So I had to be induced.
On the day I went into the labour ward, we were about 8 women in the ward; only about 2 out of the 8 women were admitted to the labour ward before me.

I was in active labour in that ward for 22 long miserable hours.

My cervix (the neck of the womb that serves as a passage for the baby to be born) just refused to open up for my baby to come out. It just refused to dilate.

Several hours after I got into the labour ward, I was infused with a pack of oxytocin (hot drip) to soften my cervix and hasten the labour.

For where? The labour refused to progress…

But before you knew it, the cries of a baby were heard. My husband in the company of mom who had been waiting in the lobby jumped up for Joy, only to be told that it wasn’t Priscilla’s baby. They congratulated the family of the newborn baby.

Then the waiting continued…

After about 3 hours…another baby’s cries filled the room. Thinking I had prevailed and brought forth a child, they both ran towards the door with utmost certainty.

“It must be our baby this time; Priscilla has been in there since 4:30 am. It must be her baby”. But to their dismay, it wasn’t my baby’s cry. I was still in painful labour.

Then another baby cried out, the same drama repeated itself, still, it wasn’t me. Then came another baby, and another and another..my baby was not yet born.

My mom; Oh, you should have seen the look on her face. She prayed, and hoped and prayed and hoped still…

My husband kept promising himself, “After this delivery, Priscilla will not have another baby again. I will ensure that she doesn’t. Oh yes, I won’t even touch her again. God please, help her have this baby”.

In fact, before we left home for the hospital, I had told my husband and my mom that my delivery wouldn’t last more than 45 minutes. Little did I know. More hours rolled by and still, my labour was not progressing. I was in extreme pain and misery but the labour continued…

The doctor and midwives kept coming to ‘check’; I was in excruciating pain but the labour wasn’t just progressing.

Every ‘check’ meant that they had to force at least two fingers into my cervix through my vagina to ascertain the progress of the labour. Oh, the pain of that! I felt like a specimen in the lab. Still, I continued to labour in excruciating pains with no progress at all.

Then the…

To be continued..

Priscilla Canice-Obi

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