Babies aren’t renowned for being great sleepers – which is why new mum are often so exhausted. Here’s some  Best 10 ways for new mum to get more sleep. it’s an advice for new mum to get some well-deserved nap and renew strength.

1. Have a 20-30 minute nap

But don’t go over that time. Having a short nap means that you don’t end up slipping into sleep inertia, where you feel groggy and confused. Sleeping longer will also lead to a whole new sleep cycle and could mean that you don’t sleep at bedtime.

2. Do some gentle exercise

It may be easier said than done, but getting outdoors in the fresh air with your baby and exercising can help you to sleep better when you’re able to. But make sure you finish exercising at least 3 hours before bedtime or you’ll find it difficult to wind down.

3. Turn down the baby monitor

New babies are active sleepers. Little snuffles and sighs are part of your baby’s sleep pattern. Being woken up by every whimper doesn’t do you or your baby any good. Instead try to only get up when you need to and they’re clearly in distress.

4. Pump before bed

Express breast milk before bed so you and your partner can take turns in feeding your baby during the night. You could even alternate nights when it’s one person’s turn to do the feeding. That way the other parent can get a good night’s sleep, perhaps in a separate room.

5. Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Stay away from anything containing caffeine and alcohol, particularly in the late afternoon and evening. It can affect how easy it is for you to sleep, and reduce the quality of your rest when you do get to sleep. And remember that caffeine is in things you wouldn’t expect, like chocolate.

6. Keep your bedroom cool and calm

Ban television and other technology, like phones and laptops, from the bedroom. Keep it as a sanctuary for sleeping and relaxing with your partner. Block out any unnecessary noise and light. Plus, the cooler you are the more likely you are to sleep well, so keep the room at a low but comfortable temperature.

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7. Eat little and often

Small, frequent meals will keep you energised, but also allow you to fall asleep comfortably. Go for high-carbohydrate meals before bedtime like rice, bread or bananas. These will help you to drift off. And avoid spicy foods if possible. They’re linked with sleep disruption, especially when eaten in the evening.

8. Try a rocking cradle

And consider placing it by your bed. When your baby cries you can gently rock them back to sleep without having to get out of bed, or even wake up fully!


9. Try to only sleep in your bed

Falling asleep on the sofa or in baby’s room is very easy to do. But your body should learn to only associate sleep with your bed, especially if you’re exhausted. Be strict with yourself and try to keep to a routine. Maybe have a bath before bedtime to calm down before you rest.

10. Don’t force yourself to sleep

If you find yourself tossing and turning and unable to fall asleep, get up after 30 minutes and try to do something relaxing. If worries are getting you down, then write down what’s keeping you awake. Your mind will find it easier to let go of thoughts if you knows you’ll remember to deal with them in the morning.

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