This 3 ways will help you to avoid being stressed as a First time Mom. What does the arrival of a new baby mean in your part of the world?
Well, in my part of the world, the birth of a new baby means joy, victory, good luck, completion
and peace. The baby’s birth is usually celebrated with a lot of joy and happiness, especially for
the parents and families involved.

But, did you know that this period also comes with a lot of stress for the new mother? She is
about to walk a new terrain and has no clue what each day will hold.
The process of birthing a child is a lot of work. Yes, it is. From the moment when contractions
begin, to get to the peak of the labour process, where screams may be heard and courage
revealed like never before.

Here you get to see a mom-to-be on all fours, eyes closed and teeth clenched. She rises up
intermittently with hands clinging firmly to her waist. You can see the swift rise and fall of her
chest, as she takes deep quick breaths. Her expression at that moment says, ‘Lord, help me
through this.

This woman gets to experience motherhood at its purest form as her entire being unites to bring
a child into the world. This, I must say, is hard work.
Then there is another mom-to-be whose story takes a different turn. The doctor announces to
her that, in order to save her life and that of her unborn child, she has to have a C-section.
A C-section is a procedure used to deliver a baby through incisions in the abdomen and uterus.
It can be planned ahead of time or carried out as an emergency to save the mother or child.
The process of recovering from a C-section usually takes longer than when you have a vaginal
birth. Women who had C-sections are usually advised to stay off strenuous activities for a
certain period.

But whichever way, it cannot be denied that the new mother is usually tired, strained and many
times overwhelmed with the whole process. She usually needs a lot of rest and cares to get her
best self back.
So how can a new mother ease off the stress and burnouts that come with birthing a child? Find
3 ways below:


One of the things that takes a lot of your time as a mother is cooking and making meals for your
family. If you are a mom who has been through the birthing process before, you may find it
easier, because you already know what works for you
But for a first time mom, it may be tougher to handle several tasks at home, especially when you
are yet to fully recover. I will love to suggest that before your due date, perhaps two weeks
before the birthing day, you can do some major cleaning and cooking.

Make your soups and stews in bulk to last you for a month after your delivery. You can also buy
non-perishable items in bulk too, this saves you the stress of going to and from the market every
other day. And if you are unable to do bulk cooking for some reasons, you can outsource the cooking to a
trusted hand just for those first few weeks after giving birth to your child. In doing so, you get
some precious time for you to rest and be on your way to full recovery.


In this part of the world, most new moms are often lucky to have their mothers or mother-in-laws
join them after giving birth. I had my mother with me for six weeks after the birth of my first child. It was a great relief and this took off the stress of cleaning, cooking and nursing a new child all at once.

So if you have your mother with you, be grateful for the gift of her. And if you have no parent or
close relative, be bold enough to ask for help. You never really know how exhausted you are,
until you get home with your new baby. If you have to get someone to do the cleaning and washing, please do. It will go a long way in taking the stress off you and help you recover quickly.


It will take some time for you as a new mom to get used to this new routine of waking up several
times at night to breastfeed and soothe a crying baby.
This can also take a toll on you if not well-managed. First, I advise that you understand your
baby’s sleeping routine.

Some babies sleep better during the day, while some at night. Some love being carried to fall
asleep, while some are fine falling asleep in their cribs.
I would love to suggest that when your baby falls asleep during the day, you should try to sleep
as well, if you can.

The nighttime feeding usually disrupts sleep for a lot of first-time moms. But still, you should find
some time to rest and take a nap during the day to make up for those hours you were awake at
Resting well helps you to recover quickly, get back in shape and also enables you to savour
those special moments with your new baby.
A stressed up mother will oftentimes be unable to enjoy those early moments with her new
baby. She can get overwhelmed and negative emotions like anger, bitterness and hatred may
take over.

As they say, you can not give what you do not have, and this is why it is so important for you
as a new mom to rest well, get a helping hand and plan well ahead of time, so that you can
nourish and nurture your new baby well.
Your baby needs all of your care, love and attention in this early and tender moments of her life.
I also hope that you find more creative ways to enjoy this gift of motherhood you have been


This article is from our Parenting contributor Ufuoma Fijabi