Age Appropriate sex education for children from Age 0 Month to 18 Years. statistics have it that a child is sexually abused every 3 minutes and research has shown that 1 in every 4 girls and 1 in every 10 boys get sexually violated before they are 18 in Nigeria 

We cannot control our environment but we can prepare our children to live safe in the environment we find our self. The fact is that our children cannot be keep in our sight at all times, Hence there is need to equip them with the knowledge they will need to help while we are not there and such knowledge is sex education.

Though this is the topic many Nigerian parents don’t like to talk about but shyness or ignorance right now is not an excuse, as a huge responsibility is placed on Nigerian parents to give age appropriate sex education to their children, protect them, have an actual relationship with them where they are free to share anything with you without holding back the truth at all time.

Children need to be taught age appropriate sex education for better understanding.

This will be handled following this pointer of age-appropriate sex education.

0 Month to Two years

Teach them the right name of various parts of the body as well as their private parts. Just like we taught them part of the body, let them be aware of their private part e.g penis, vagina, buttocks, breasts, thigh, lips. It is very important not to change the name of the body parts.

Tell them the different between the private part of a boy and a girl.
Show them that part of the body are classify into two, which are public and private parts. Private parts are cover by the wears except their lips which is also not for the public to kiss. Let your children know that no one is allowed to the touch their private parts. Only daddy, mummy and doctor can touch to clean or examine for medical purpose.

Three to Five years

Have you ever thought of what you would you say if your five years children asks you where are babies come back from? Would you provide her those fairy tales story? Before you get rattled, just explain to tell them that babies come once a man puts his penis into a woman’s vagina to release the egg inside her to grow into a baby. It’s known sex. Whereas when sharing this information don’t laugh, simply keep a straight, friendly and serious countenance.

Tell them sex could only happen out of consent between adults, not children. They ought to not bit anyone’s sex organ even throughout playtime with other kids.  Television time is a good moment to teach and correct some actions they see and may term appropriately.

Teach your girl child to sit properly by close her legs.

Teach your child to wash their private parts on their own.

 Six to Nine years

Puberty could be a few years on or has set in for fast growing children. You have to explain to them concerning the changes that occur in their bodies as they are growing. Tell them concerning period (both boys and girls) whereas relating it to physiological condition. Observe sexually transmitted diseases and also the importance of abstinence whereas standing against peer pressure to experiment with sex.

Don’t sit on uncle laps and it is wrong to touch any auntie’s breast

Ten to Thirteen years

Your children ought to have close relationship with you at this age so that they will simply divulge heart’s contents to you. You ought to be their go-to person for health information, not their friends. As an adolescent, they might seemingly apprehend and perceive higher. Tell them additional concerning their bodies and supply pacifying support as they grow and struggle with the new part of life they need found themselves. Discuss contraception ways, the importance of abstinence and also the dangers of early sex exposure.

Fourteen to Eighteen years

Talking concerning sex education should include telling them of their natural attraction to the other sex. Determine with them by sharing your story and tips about a way to manage the emotional thugs while keeping themselves. Share with them relationship Dos and don’t. make a case for the massive responsibilities that go with sex. Discuss the important of consent, rights, and laws as associated with sexual interactions.

You may be reading through this article and you simply told yourself “my parent didn’t do all this and that am decent”. Yes, you did, however your children might not be lucky and more importantly we are in 21st century.

Sex education is vital to your child’s health and safety. You never will tell the error you’d be saving your children from in the future by sharing sex education with them now.

Important information for parents

Parents should establish a good relationship base on trust with their children.

Don’t allow your child to be undress or bath in public.

Parent should not get dress in the presence of your children for any reason.

Don’t allow your boy child to badge into the sisters room anyhow and vice-visa

Tell your daughters not hug uncles or opposite.

Always remember if you teach the WHAT, tell them the WHY, meaning if you teach them about covering privates body parts also teach them why is so important to do so.

Don’t forget to teach them the signs of predators


Use the Pants acronym:
P is for… Privates area unit non-public

Explain to your kid that nobody ought to raise to check or bit their genital organ. Generally doctors, nurses or members of the family might need to. make a case for that this is often OKAY, however that those individuals must always make a case for why, and raise your child if it’s OK initial.

A is for… continually bear in mind your body belongs to you
Let your kid apprehend their body belongs to them, and nobody else. Nobody ever have the right to them do something that they feel uncomfortable. And if anyone tries, tell your children they need the right to say NO.

N is for… No suggests that NO
Make sure your children are aware that they have the right to say “no” to unwanted touch even to a friend or somebody they apprehend or love.

T is for… Talk about secrets that you are not comfortable with.
Explain the differences between “good” and “bad” secrets. Phrases like “it’s our very little secret”  the strategy of the abuser to create fear in baby  or afraid to inform somebody what’s happening to them. healthy secrets may be things like surprise parties or presents for people. Unhealthy secrets cause you to feel unhappy, upset or frightened.

S is for… Speak up, somebody will show up to help
Tell your children that if they ever feel unhappy, anxious or frightened they should share their feelings with an adult they trust. this does not ought to be a friend. It also can be a coach or a friend’s parent.
1 in four children sexually abused. The offender is typically the smallest amount individual that you may expect.

Start educating your children early because if you don’t their friends and Television will help you teach and you can trust such responsibility to them.