Congratulations on your second pregnancy, we compiled these tips to help you prepare well for the arrival of your second bundle of joy.

1. Reorganize the baby’s room

We are certain that there are useful items tucked out somewhere you have totally forgotten about. It’s time to go through the house and bring out useful items that can be reused for cleaning. E.g Bottles, toys, gadgets, etc


2. Organize Babysitting for the older child

The older baby we need a caregiver to help you babysit him/her especially if he is still relatively young, prepare to have care plan before your newborn arrived, Nanny, family, friends? There is a need to have it figured out before your second baby is born so there is no feeling of neglect from your older child.

3. Write out the list of items you need to buy

We definitely know that the list would not be as long as your first, except you are having a different gender this time around or you didn’t get a lot of items for your older child. If you did, your list will be short and pocket-friendly.


4. Spend time with your older child

Your attention may drift in the first few weeks your baby arrives. You are human and this is totally normal. Spend as much time as you can afford to do memorable things with your older child before your baby arrives. The memories will linger for a while.


5. Test, test and test

Be sure that old gadgets are in good condition. Ensure they work. Test, charge, get batteries where needed. Be ready..


6. Check your health insurance, if you subscribed to one

If you are subscribed under a Health plan, it’s time to review the clauses. Does it cover pregnancy, delivery and emergency CS if need be? Are you entitled to certain vaccines and not to others? This will help you plan your finances ahead of time.

7. Stock Up

Stock up the essential Items e.g diapers. Start buying and stocking up early.


8. Connect and join  Motherhoodng community

You will think everything you learnt or experienced as a first time new mum will come back to you naturally. Don’t forget,  no two pregnancy or babies are the same.