In this article couples will find useful tips that will guide them to stay happy in their marriage after babies.
Having a baby is one of the biggest tests your marriage will face. Having a baby is probably the greatest adjustment a couple could experience. It amazing how much effort people put into planning for a baby on a practical level, but often do not even consider how much their relationship will change with a baby. There is need to prepare for the lack of time, sleep and the hormonal chemistry of new parenthood. Here are guides for a happy marriage after babies:
Get support
If you’re pregnant, start preparing now to have a support person, such stay in/day Nanny, house cleaner or domestic staff to assist in the work loads at home. The support person can do so many things to reduce stress of newborn baby without much burden on your partner and have a happy marriage after babies .

Change your sex life
Women and men are not wired the same way, a new mother can be totally consumed with baby care all day (and night) and might want to cuddle and feel nurtured without it ending in sex, or she may simply feel ‘ all touched out’ after giving so much of her body to the baby. Conversely, , the man’s way of feeling close is to have sex. As this is where things can break down, communication and understanding are key to intimacy. Men are to get change approach to sex by lending help with baby care – settling, rocking, bathing are great ways to share – or cooking and cleaning up so the New mother will have time to share ‘the love’ without feeling stressed about all the things that need doing, Men should think of ‘doing dishes’ as foreplay!

Allow yourself to have those post-birth feelings
Mood changing thing is common experience to mothers when nursing babies. Childbirth can sometimes colour your relationship with your partner and how you feel about intimacy. Discuss with your partner about it, both of you should diagnosed it and address causes and if there need seek professional help.

Come to terms with your ‘new’ body
Your body is going through a new life stage on producing a baby, so give yourself time to get used to your post-baby figure without expecting to spring back like a supermodel. Body image can greatly affect how ‘sexy’ a woman feels after having a baby.
Create a date night
While caring for your baby might be all-consuming, it’s important to nurture your relationship, too, by giving it quality time. If you want ‘together time’ you may have to plan ahead – mark a ‘date night’ on the calendar even if this means watching favorite video together etc .you don’t only have to make love in bed at night time.”

Ask for help
Consider help with practical things such as hiring domestic staff, and don’t be afraid to ask close friends and family for help to reduce the strain of newborn and your relationship. It will help you to have more time for yourself, spouse and other activities you love doing.
Save fund ahead
Statistically, money is the greatest source of arguments for all couples planning ahead and saving some money for this purpose before you have your baby will reduce the tension money can bring into your relationship. Preparation is key.

Find some me-time
If you feel all worn out from giving all day, you can’t expect to feel excited about your relationship: you need to keep loving yourself in little ways so that you have good energy and loving feelings for your partner. Your ‘me time’ can be time to attend to your physical appearance or doing something you love doing. “It’s important to find ‘me’ time as well as couple time.
Babies are blessing from God and not a burden to our relationship; let’s make proper preparation before they arrive financially, emotionally… Stay happy after babies in your marriage.
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