Are you a Christian parent looking for a Biblical name for your newborn? The Bible is a storehouse of meaningful, yet beautiful names. finding your son a name from the Bible is a logical choice. But how do you pick one name when there are so many options?

We have made your choice easier! We have handpicked some of the best biblical boy names, right here! Not just that. We also mention the source of the name to make your decision easier. Take a look!

The 50 Best Biblical Boy Names Are Listed Here:

1. Andrew:

The name Andrew has a Greek origin and means ‘a strong man’.

Bible mention – Matt 4:18.

Barak means ‘thunder’ in Hebrew. Do not confuse it with Barack, which is an African name.

Bible mention – Judges 4:6.

3. Daniel:

Daniel is a common biblical name for boys and means ‘God is my judge’.

4. Ebenezer:

‘Rock of help’ – with a meaning as strong as this, it is a pity that this Biblical boy name is not so popular.

Bible mention – 1 Sam. 4:1.

5. Eliphaz:

Each life is a creation of God. Eliphaz means ‘the endeavor of God’.

Bible mention – Gen. 36:4.

6. Esau:

Esau means ‘he who acts’ in Hebrew. If you are looking for an uncommon Biblical baby boy names, try Esau.

Bible mention – Gen. 25:25.

7. Ezekiel:

It may sound exotic but is a traditional Christian boy name. It means ‘the strength of God’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Ezekiel 1:3.

8. Jairus:

In Hebrew, Jairus means ‘my Light’ or ‘one who diffuses Light’.

Bible Mention – Mark 5:22.

9. Jason:

Jason is a very popular biblical name but hasn’t lost its charm. It means ‘the one who cures’.

Bible mention – Acts 17:5

10. Micah:

Being humble is a virtue. Micah means ‘humble’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Judges 17:1.

11. Matthias:

Matthias is a beautiful name and means ‘the gift of the Lord’.

Bible mention – Acts 1:23.

12. Nahum:

Another exotic name from the Bible! Nahum means ‘comforter’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Nahum 1:1

13. Nadab:

The Hebrew language is full of beautiful names. Nadab means ‘prince’.

Bible mention – Exodus 6:23.

14. Omar:

The name Omar has its origin in both Hebrew and Arabic. It means ‘he that speaks’.

Bible mention – Gen. 36:11.

15. Obadiah:

Obadiah means ‘the servant of the Lord’. It is a Hebrew name and is relatively uncommon.

Bible mention – 1 Kings 18:3.

16. Othniel:

Here’s a name that comes with a great nickname option – Niel! Othniel means ‘the Lion of God’.

Bible mention – Joshua 15:17.

17. Phineas:

For religious families, God is everything. If your family is the same, try Phineas to name your baby. It means ‘the face of trust or protection’.

Bible mention – Exodus 6:25.

18. Shadrach:

It is a relatively rare biblical name and means ‘tender’.

Bible mention – Dan. 1:7.

19. Titus:

Titus means ‘pleasing’ in Latin. It is a cute little name!

Bible mention – 2 Cor. 2:13.

20. Tobiah:

Another wonderful name from the Bible! Tobiah means ‘Lord is good’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Ezra 2:60.

21. Uriah:

The meaning of the name Uriah is the very basis of any religion – faith. Uriah means ‘the Lord is my light or fire’.

Bible mention – 2 Sam. 11:3

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22. Zebedee:

Zebedee means ‘abundant’ in Greek. Pay homage to God’s abundant love for his children!

Bible mention – Matt. 4:21

23. Elihu:

In Hebrew, Elihu means ‘He is my God’. It is an unconventional name and will work for you if you are looking for a unique Christian name.

Bible mention – 1 Sam. 1:1

24. Emmanuel:

It is a good choice for parents looking for traditional Christian names. It means ‘God is with us’ in Latin as well as Hebrew.

Bible mention – Isaiah 7:14

25. Ethan:

The name Ethan comes from the Hebrew language and means ‘strong’.

Bible mention – 1 Kings 4:31

26. Isaac:

A common name, Isaac means ‘laughter’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Gen. 17:19

27. Peter:

If you are looking for a name that has a universal appeal, nothing can beat the popularity of Peter. In Greek, it means ‘a rock’.

Bible mention – Matt. 4:18

28. Reuben:

Reuben means ‘he who sees the Son’ in Hebrew. Another gem from the Bible!

Bible mention – Gen. 29:32

29. Saul:

If you are looking for a beautiful name, with a great meaning, try Saul. It means ‘the one who is in demand’.

Bible mention – 1 Sam. 9:2

30. Shem:

Shem means ‘renowned’ in Hebrew. It will surely attract attention!

Bible mention – Gen. 5:32

31. Abner:

The name Abner means ‘the Father of Light’ in Hebrew. It is a name that is rapidly climbing the popularity charts around the world.

Bible mention – 1 Sam. 14:50

32. Abram:

Abram means ‘exalted Father’. The name traces its origin to the Hebrew language.

Bible mention – Gen. 11:27

33. Amaziah:

It screams fun but has a deep meaning. Amaziah means ‘the strength of God’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – 2 Kings 12:21

34. Aquila:

Are you looking for a Christian name that reflects your love for nature as well? How about Aquila? It means ‘an eagle’ in Latin.

Bible mention – Acts 18:2

35. Asher:

Asher means ‘happiness’ in Hebrew and will hopefully help your child fill the world with love and laughter.

Bible mention – Gen. 30:13

36. Baruch:

You can name your prince charming Baruch, which means ‘blessed’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Neh. 3:20

37. Cain:

More popular as a character from the book Cain and Abel, this Christian name is something you can consider. In Hebrew, it means ‘possession’.

Bible mention – Gen. 4:1

38. David:

This classic Biblical boy name will never go out of fashion. David means ‘well-loved or dear’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – 1 Sam. 16:13

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39. Jeremiah:

Another traditional Christian name, Jeremiah means ‘exaltation of the Lord’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – 2 Chron. 36:12

40. Jesse:

Jesse means ‘gift or oblation’ in Hebrew. It is a very popular biblical name for boys.

Bible mention -1 Sam. 16:1

41. Lemuel:

An uncommon name from the Bible! Lemuel means ‘God is with them or him’.

Bible mention – Prov. 31:1

42. Mark:

Mark is a very common Christian name for boys. It means ‘polite’ in Latin.

Bible mention – Acts 12:12

43. Malachi:

Does this name sound too exotic? But it is from the Bible! It means ‘my messenger or angel’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Mal. 1:1

44. Michael:

Michael is the Latin word for ‘humble’. It is an evergreen choice.

Bible mention – Num. 13:13

45. Victor:

The Bible is all about the victory of good over evil. Victor means ‘victory’ in Latin.

Bible mention – 2 Timothy 2:5

46. Zephaniah:

If you are game for a unique Christian name, consider Zephaniah. It means ‘the Lord is my secret’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – 2 Kings 25:18

47. Nathan:

Another popular name from the Bible, Nathan means ‘rewarded’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – 2 Sam. 5:14

48. Nehemiah:

Nehemiah means ‘repentance of the Lord’ in Hebrew. It is a great name for parents looking for a unique Christian name.

Bible mention – Neh. 1:1

49. Noah:

Noah is an evergreen bible name for boys! It means ‘consolation’ in Hebrew.

Bible mention – Gen. 5:29

50. Silas:

Is your son your third child? Try naming him Silas, which means ‘third’ in Latin.

Bible mention – Acts 15:22

Isn’t it amazing that the Bible still holds so much beauty and relevance? So, which is your favorite Biblical boy name? Share it with us, right here!