I believe that the first seven years play an essential role when speaking about growing as a person. That is why it is very crucial to bring up your children accordingly. Here we want to share with you five (5) things you should teach your kids.
Teach them from a young age to be helpful and responsible. These qualities will echo in the future, shaping them into a successful and productive person. Many families prefer to involve their kids in doing the chores around a house in order to help them develop their organisation and interpersonal skills. In my opinion, as well, it is a great idea our little kids to help us when we most need them.
I think it is necessary for kids to do chores. If you are about to disprove my theory, wait till I am done. If you teach your kids to help you with cleaning, in future it will be much easier for them to find a job and be productive and responsible for it. They will also develop qualities, necessary for feeding a family or maintaining a relationship strong. These are just examples, of course. However, I really think that if you involve your kids in the cleaning now, you will thank yourself later.
The easiest way to make your kids assist you is to teach them since they are small. If they are at an age to help you with the cores, you need to be very careful with your choice of the chore. The smaller your kid is, the easier the chore should be. If the kid is given a choice, he or she will more likely perform it better and with a smile. Children who does not like having their hands dirty or wet, may empty the bins or store the clothes. Another, who hate the sound of a vacuum cleaner, may focus on dusting or loading a dishwasher.
You should remember that kids are not born taught, they need to follow someone’s example. Your example. When young, they have this ability to copy everything they see. Remind yourself that you need to slowly introduce them to the cleaning duties and let your children grow in experience over time. Abracadabra will not help you, you need to be patient with them and you will see that soon they will follow your instructions.
The most important thing you should have in mind is that you should spend time teaching together, not leaving the kid to learn alone. Start with doing the simple chores together. This way your kid will follow your example and will know how exactly you want a particular thing to be done. Over time he or she will get used to it and will no more need your supervision. I do believe that the biggest motivation for a kid is to collaborate with an adult. According to a child, it is a little bit lonely to be sentenced to do a cleaning chore all alone. That is why I always try to make a company to my little boy who is making his first steps into being a grown up.
You need to make a specific cleaning plan, including all the cleaning duties around a property. Which chore needs to be done when? You again need to develop it together. This way, kids will learn how to organize time better and classify the chores around your home. They need to know how a cleaning system contributes to easing the whole process.
Remember that it is very important for your children to develop a sense of responsibility which comes from young age and taking part in the chores around a home.

This article is submitted by Zowie Ashton. She’s a writer of blog articles contributor and she is really passionate about topics related to home improvement, cleaning, and organisation.