Raw African Shea butter is known for its very protective, moisturizing and skin strengthening properties, and it is these exact properties that make it perfect for Baby. Just as infants and little children need the proper nutrients to grow healthy and strong bodies, their skin also needs the proper building blocks in order to keep up with them! Unlike run-of-the-mill baby oil, it’s loaded with skin cell building and protecting essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that give your growing little one all they need for healthy skin, from head to toe.

Moisturizing the skin is especially important after bathing, as the soap strips some of the skin’s naturally protective outer layer. By using Shea butter on your child’s skin you are effectively, easily and safely helping to replace that thin outer barrier, which also contributes to happy and healthy skin cells. It can also be used as a safe and natural healing balm for scrapes, bruises, burns and scratches that happen on toddlers and younger children. It can be used alone, or mixed with other oil such as coconut oil for an all purpose botanical baby balm.

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Clear Tummy Skin, Before and After Pregnancy

Shea butter could possibly be a woman’s best friend, forget about diamonds for now. Most women get stretch marks during puberty, after pregnancy, weight gain. Men get them but I bet they are less concerned. Shea butter has a high level of healing fraction, fatty acids and antioxidants that help heal and build the damaged middle skin that causes those ugly stretch marks. It is able to sink beneath the skin and moisturise it while the healing process is taking place. It also helps to even out complexion and get rid of the marks you have come to dislike.

Did I mention that it boosts production of collagen, which when coupled with those antioxidants, help the skin gain it’s elasticity thereby removing wrinkles and bags under the eye?

Skin  Healer

Shea butter contains cinnamic acid a substance  that helps the skin heal. It also contains a moisturiser that’s exactly like the one the skin produces and is anti-inflammatory. This makes Shea butter one powerful, skin-healing substance on small injuries bruises or scrapes. It can be used as a cure for sun burn or frost bite because of its unsaponifiable qualities. (This means it cannot lather or form a soap and therefore traps other healing components apart from the moisturising effect).

Baby diaper Cream

By experience, mothers have discovered that Shea butter acts as a preventive measure against diaper rashes in babies. Share this with your friend that’s worried about her baby’s diaper rashes.

According to Shea butter researchers, the fatty substance contains natural occurring antioxidants, anti-bacterial, anti inflammatory properties as well as the nutrients needed for babies skin protection, healing and healthy growth.

Hair Care

Shea butter works wonders when it comes to the hair and scalp. It moisturises the hair and scalp, helps get rid of dandruff and protects the hair follicles. We’re not even going to talk too much about the benefits of the rich nutrients and chemicals it contains or their effect on the hair. Shea butter also softens stiff hair so that it can be handled and styled as is desired.

Helps Lactating  

Shea butter is one of the natural solution to helps a new mum lactate has desired. A new mum with low supply of milk should use shea butter to massage the bossom of the breast with warm water. The result will be  amazing.