This article was written to inspire you with the positive and special ways to bond With Your Unborn Child.

Can you remember that special moment when you discovered that you were pregnant? You screamed at seeing the double pink line and could not wait to share the good news with your hubby. Or perhaps you fall into the category that broke down in tears at the test result because you had waited so long for this baby. Whichever way, the discovery of knowledge that a new life is growing inside you is a feeling that can not be explained in words.

That mothering instinct just kicks in naturally and you just want to protect and bond with your unborn child. You may find yourself often rubbing your bulging tummy while uttering sweet words to your growing baby. You may sometimes unknowingly also find yourself in deep conversations with this new life growing within you. Your heart’s desire at this time is to foster the bond between you and your unborn child.

During my two pregnancies, I always took out some time to speak life-giving words to my child. It felt weird but it was so obvious that I was talking to someone who could hear me. I would sometimes let out a giggle and then I get to feel a kick inside me. Sometimes, while sitting still in the dark and silence of the night, I always enjoyed feeling my baby turn and kick inside me. It was always a special moment of bonding with my child. So just in case, you are a mom-to-be or even a mother who is on her 2nd or 3rd pregnancy, and you have never thought of ways to bond with your unborn child, here are 3 special ways that you can bond with your unborn child.


I remember a new mother sharing with me some time ago, about how she read to her son throughout her pregnancy. She was so intentional about it, that she often made funny voices and gesticulated each time she read a story to her unborn child. She said that even after she gave birth to her son, she continued with this

habit of reading to him and that he had now grown to love books and reading. Infact he also makes funny voices whenever he reads a story, just like his mother did when he was still in her womb. Will you take out some time today to read to your unborn child? You will be glad you did and you get to use those little moments to form deep bonds with your child. And who knows, you may just be helping that child develop a love for reading. 

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Communication is a two-way thing that involves talking and listening. But as an expectant mother, though your child cannot talk back to you from the womb, I believe that your child can hear sounds and pick up vibrations from outside the womb. I remember reading some time ago about the late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, and how she spoke words while pregnant with her first child, Tolu Ijogun. One of those words was that her child will sing for Jesus. Today that is part of what Tolu does and she is such a great worshiper. You can also speak life-giving words to your child growing inside you. You can take out some time daily to tell him/her how much you love him/her and how you cannot wait to hold him/her in your arms.

You can make faith declarations about their future even though they are still in the womb. Your words carry life and are very potent when you speak it. You can start conversations with them and tell them your thoughts about their coming into your world. Your words are very powerful and these are special moments and opportunities to bond with your unborn child. Always let your child know how thankful you are for the gift of him/her. Say it to him/her and even when they are born, keep saying it.

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Some children have a deep love for music today because their mothers always sang to them or played a musical instrument for them whilst they were still in the womb. If you love to sing, why not take time out to always sing to your unborn baby. So you say you are a talented singer, this is a great opportunity to sing to an amazing audience. Sing to that child growing within you.

It would not hurt to share one of your favourite tunes with your child. Sing her a love song, inspire him with a soulful tune and spice up your days with some upbeat tunes while dancing away. Besides you never know, you may just be sowing seeds of a passion for music in him/her. So in what other ways have you bonded with your unborn baby. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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