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Beautiful Yoruba Names for a Baby girl

Yoruba Names for A Baby girl Image by Bucklesmemoirs

Are you a Mom to-be or a New Mom? Here is a compilation of Beautiful Yoruba Names for a baby girl and their meaning. Babies are a special blessing from God and they worth celebrating and the Yoruba has a culture of celebrating the arrival of Babies on the 8th day after delivery and during this event, the New parent will present their first gift to their Baby which are Names the child would be called!

There are many factors that contribute to the name given to a child. The type of family e.g. royal family, events that occurred or still happening around the time of the child’s birth, circumstances surrounding the birth, the kind of destiny they want for the child, e.t.c.

Yoruba Names for a baby girl

Below is the list of Yoruba Names for a Baby girl in Alphabetical order:

Yoruba Names for a Baby girl that begins with Letter A

NAMES                                   THE MEANING OF THE NAME

Aanuoluwapo;                     God’s mercy is great.
Aarinade;                               in the centre of the crown
Aarinola;                                 the centre of wealth
Abidemi;                                 born before the father’s arrival
Abiodun;                                  born during the festival
Abiola/ Abimbola/Abisola;   one born into wealth

Abodunrin;                            one who walks in with the festival/holiday
Abosede/Abiose;                   born on the first day of the week

Adebanke;                              the crown helps to pamper me
Adebimpe;                              the crown birthed me complete
Adebisi;                                   the crown has given birth to more

Adebola;                                  the crown meets with the wealth

Adebukola;                              the crown has added to a wealth

Adefolake;                                  the crown pampers with a wealth

Adefoluke;                                    the crown pampers with God

Adefoyeke;                                   the crown pampers with the title

Adejoke;                                     the crown will together pamper this one

Adejumoke;                                 the crown unites to pamper
Adekemi;                                      the crown pampers me
Adenike;                                       the crown has (need of) care

Aderinsola;                                  the crown walks into wealth
Aderiyike;                                      the crown has found one to pamper
Aderonke;                                       the crown has something to pamper

Adesola;                                       the crown makes wealth
Adetola;                                       the crown is the worth of wealth
Adetolu;                                        the crown which belongs to God

Adesewa;                                          the crown makes beauty

Adetoro;                                        the crown is peaceful
Adetoun;                                       the crown is worth strife
Adetutu;                                         the crown is calm/soothing

Adewonuola;                                 the crown has entered into wealth
Adewunmi;                                    I am desirous of the crown

Adunade;                                      the sweetness of the crown
Adunbi;                                         one who is sweet to give birth to
Adunke;                                        one who is sweet to pamper
Adunni;                                        one who is sweet to have
Adura;                                        means prayer
Aduramigba;                              my prayer has been answered

Ajibike;                                         we woke up to take care of this one

Alarape;                                           the one with family is complete
Ara; means family.                             It also means “to be a part of”
Aralola;                               family (relations) is the wealth
Aramide;                                    my family has come
Araoye;                                    a part of the title
Atinuke;                                 a person who has been pampered from conception

Ayotomi;                                   joy is enough for me
Ayotola;                                      joy is the worth of wealth

Yoruba Names for a Baby girl that begins with Letter B

Bolajoko;                one who sits with the wealth
Bolatito;                          so wealth is this big?
Bolutife;                              it is as God desires
Botiwunoluwa;                 as God desires
Yoruba Names for a Baby girl that begins with Letter D

Ebunoluwa;               gift of God
Emiola;                      the spirit of wealth
Eniola;                        a person of wealth
Enitan;                           a person about whose birth a story is told

Yoruba Names for a Baby girl that begins with Letter E

Erioluwa;                        evidence/testimony of God
Etoade;                                the right of the crown
Ewaoluwa;                             a beauty of God
Eyiloreoluwa;                      this is the favour of God
Eyitola;                                   this (one) is the worth of wealth


Yoruba Names for A Baby girl
Image by Bucklesmemoirs

Yoruba Names for a Baby girl that begins with Letter F
Faramade;                      move closer to the crown
Fadekemi;                       make use if the crown to pamper me
Fadesewafunmi;             make beauty from the crown for me
Fehintiola;                        rest/relax on wealth
Fijinjesu/ Fijinoluwa;        consecrated unto Jesus/God
Fiyinfoluwa; give prestige to God
Folashade; use wealth as a crown
Fowosade; use money as a crown


Yoruba Names for a Baby girl that begins with Letter I

Ibidun     – childbirth is sweet

Ibijoke    –   family pampers together

Ibilola       – childbirth is a wealth
Ibisola        childbirth makes wealth

Ibirinade;      childbirth into royalty
Ibironke; a family has found who to pamper

Idowu;           the name was given to the child born after a set of twins
Ife;               means love
Ifeade;          love of the crown
Ifedolapo;        love holds wealth together

Ikeoluwa;            the care of God
IseOluwanimi :      God’s handy work
Imoleoluwa;               the light of God
Inioluwa;                  a property of God
Ipinuoluwa;      a decision of God
Iremide;              my fortune/benefit has arrived
Iretiola;             hope/anticipation of wealth
Iretioluwa;          God’s hope
itanife;                the story of love
Iteoluwakiisi;             the throne of God is permanent
Itunuoluwa;                     the comfort of God
Iyabo;           mother has come
Iyadunni;          mother is sweet to have
Iyaniwura;                    mother is (as precious as) gold
Iyatunde;              mother has returned
Iyanuoluwa;                              the mercy of God
Iyinoluwa;                           Praise of God
Iyunadeoluwa;                     beads (corals) of the crown of God

Yoruba Names for a Baby girl that begins with Letter K

Kikelomo;                                children are destined for pampering
Kofoworade;                           he does not buy the crown with money
Kofoworola;                              he does not buy wealth with money

Koyinsola;                                put honey into wealth i.e. experience the sweet wealth


Yoruba Names for a Baby girl that begins with Letter M

Majemuoluwa;                               the covenant of God

Mobolaji;                              I awoke with the wealth
Modupe;                            I give thanks
Mofaderera;                       I adorn my body with a crown
Mofeoluwa;                                I love God
Mofeyisade;                     I use this (one) as a crown
Mofeyisola;                         I use this (one) as wealth
Mofogofolorun;                                 I give God glory?
Mofolami;                                   I breathe with the wealth

Mojirayo;                                     I awoke to see the joy
Mojirola;                                      I awoke to see wealth
Mojisola;                                      I awoke to wealth

Mogbadunola;                             I enjoy the wealth
Mogbolade;                               I bring wealth home?
Mojirayo;                                   I awoke to see the joy
Mojirola;                                     I awoke to see wealth
Mojisola;                                      I awoke to wealth
Mojolaoluwa;                           I enjoy (eat) the wealth of God
Mojoyin;                                   I enjoy (eat) honey

Molayo;                                     I have joy
Monilola;                                     I have a share in the wealth
Mopelola;                                I am complete in wealth
Moradeke;                              I have found a crown to pamper
Moradeun;                                 I have found a crown to pamper
Moradeyo;                        I have found a crown to rejoice over Morayo; I see the joy
Morenike;                                    I (have) found a person to pamper
Morenikeji;                           I have found my second (better) half
Moriojurereoluwagba;     I have found God’s favour/ favour in God’s sight Morohunmubo; I have found someone to bring back
Morolake;                                          I have found wealth to pamper
Morolayo;                                           I have found wealth to rejoice over
Mosopefunolorun;                           I thank God
Mosunmola;                                       I move close to the wealth
Motilewa;                                             I come from home
Motunrayo;                                             I have once again seen the joy
Moyoade;                                                 I rejoice over the crown
Moyosoreoluwa;                                 I rejoice in God’s favour

Yoruba Names for a baby girl
Credit: M12Photography

Yoruba Names for a Baby girl that begins with Letter  O 

Ojuolape; the face of wealth is the complete/complete wealth
Okiki; means fame
Okikiade; the fame of crown
Okikiimole; the fame of light
Okikiola; the fame of wealth

Olabisi; wealth has given birth to more

Olabukunola; wealth adds fully to wealth

Oladunni; wealth is sweet to have

Olaide; wealth turns to come
Olaitan; wealth is inexhaustible

Olatoun; wealth is worth strife

Ololade; a wealthy person has arrived
Olubanke; God helps me take care of (this child)
Oluwabukola; God adds to the wealth
Olubukumi; God adds to me
Olubukunade; God adds to the crown
Oluwabunmi; God adds to me
Oluwabusayo; God adds to the joy
Oluwabusola; God adds to the wealth

Oluwademilade; God has crowned me

Oluwalonimi – God owns me

Olayemi; wealth befits me
Oluwabusayo; God adds to the joy
Oluwabusola; God adds to a wealth
Oluwadamilola ; God makes me wealthy
Oluwadamisi; God spares me/my life
Oluwadarasimi; God has been good to me
Oluwadayisi; God created this one
Oludemilade; God has crowned me

Olufadeke; God uses the crown to care for this one
Olufeyikemi; God uses this (one) to care for me
Olufeyisayo; God uses this (one) to add to (my) joy
Oluwafikayo/ Olufikunayo; God adds completeness to (my) joy
Oluwafiresayo; God adds favour to (my) joy
Olufisayo; God adds to (my) joy
Olufolake; God takes care of this (one) with the wealth
Olufolasade; God has used wealth as a crown
Oluwafoyinsolami; God adds honey to my wealth
Olufumiso; God gave me (this child) to watch over
Olufunke; God gave me to pamper
Olufunmbi; God gave me to birth
Olufunmilade; God has given me a crown
Olufunmilola; God gives me the wealth
Oluwafunmilorinotun; God has given me a new song
Olufunto; God gave me to raise/bring up
Olukunmi; God completes me

Oluwaremilekun; God has dried my tears

Olumayokun; God makes joy complete
Olumayowa; God brings joy
Oluranti; God remembers

Oluwasemilore; God has done me a favour
Oluwaseteminirere; God has done things for my good
Oluwaseun; thanks be to God
Oluwaseunbabaralaiyemi; God has done extremely great things for me
Oluwaseunayo; God has done something joyous
Oluseye; God makes dignity
Oluwaseyi; God has done this

Yoruba Names for a baby girl
Credit: M12Photography

Olusola; God makes wealth
Oluwatemilorun; God contents me

Oluwatofunmi; God is enough for me
Olutomilola; God is enough wealth for me

Oluwatosin; God is worthy of worship

Oluwatoyosi; God is worth celebrating
Olutumibi; God rebirths me

Oluwawapelumi; God is with me
Oluwemimo; God washes me pure

Oluwayemisi; God holds me in high regards/God honours me
Oluyomi; God delivered me
Omo; means a child
Omobolade; child comes (home) with the wealth
Omobolaji; child awoke with the wealth
Omobolanle; child met wealth at home
Omobonike; a child has met with someone to pamper him/her
Omodarani; a child is good to have
Omodele; a child has come home
Omodunbi; a child is sweet to birth
Omodunni; a child is a sweet thing to have
Omofolabo; child comes with the wealth

Omokeinde/ Omokeyinwa; child comes in last/brings up the rear
Omolabake; child whom we shall pamper
Omolara/ Omolebi; children are family
Omolayo; children are (a source) joy
Omolewa; children are the beauty

Omolola; children are the wealth
Omoloro; children are riches
Omoloso; children are adornments/jewels

Omoniyun; children are (as precious as) coral beads
Omosalewa; child selected what home to be born into
Omosunsola; child moves nearer to wealth
Omotara; a child is the worth of family
Omotayo; a child is the worth of (equivalent of) joy
Omotola/Omotolani; a child is as worthy as wealth

Omotunde; a child has come again
Omowafola; a child is destined for wealth
Omowon; children are expensive/dear/precious
Omowunmi; a child is appealing to me
Omoyeni; child befits a person
Opemipo; I have many thanks to rendering
Opeoluwa; God’s gratitude
Opeyemi; thanks befits me/I should be grateful
Ore; means favour/goodness/kindness
Oreofe; free favour (undeserved favour). I.e. grace
Òréoluwa; friend of God
Owodunni; money is sweet to own

Oyebola; title meets with the wealth

Oyenike; title has need of pampering
Oyindasola; honey pours into wealth
Oyinkansola; honey drips into wealth

Yoruba Names for a baby girl
Credit: M12Photography

Yoruba Names for a Baby girl that begins with Letter T

Tanimola; who knows the future
Taraoluwa; from Gods own body

Taiwo/Taiye; taste life/the world. The name was given to the younger of a set of twins

Temilade; mine is the crown
Temilayo; mine is the joy. Joy is mine
Temilolu; God is mine
Temitayo; my case is worth joyfulness
Temitope; mine (my circumstances) are worth thankfulness

Tirenioluwa; it is yours, Lord!
Tinuade; from within the crown
Titilola; endless wealth
Titilayo; endless joy
Tiwalade; ours is the crown
Tiwalolu; ours is God
Tiwatope; our situation is worthy of thanks
Tolulope; Gods’ is thanks
Tolulore; gift which belongs to God
Toluwalase; God’s word is the law
Toluwani; Gods belonging
Towobola; dip your hand into wealth

Yoruba Names for a Baby girl that begins with Letter W
Wura; means gold
Wurade; gold of the crown
Wuraola; gold of wealth

Yoruba Names for a Baby girl that begins with Letter Y
Ye; is the abbreviated form of Iya; mother/grandmother?
Yejide; mother has awoken
Yetunde; mother has returned again
Yewande; mother looked for me


What are your favourites among the listed names? or do you have Names you will like to be listed? Please share with us in the comment below?




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