Everything about Tiger nut – Fertility and pregnancy

We research and compiled everything about Tiger nut – Fertility and pregnancy in this article. For those who wish to know the benefits of tiger nut milk to female fertility, health benefits of tiger nut  in pregnancy or how to boost men libido with tiger nut drink, we hope you find this research helpful.

Tiger nut is a good source of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), tocopherol (Vitamin E), dietary fibre as well as fats like oleic acid. In Nigeria, tiger nut is called Ofio by the Yorubas, Aki by the Igbos and it’s known as Aya by the Hausas. Tiger nut can be used to make a drink called kunnu aya by the Hausas. Tiger nut can be eaten raw, roasted, dried, baked or be made into a refreshing beverage called tiger nut drink. A good way of incorporating the nut into your diet for those asking how to eat tiger nut , is by eating them or by blending it and draining to make Kunnu Aya (tiger nut milk) which can also be sweetened with honey or date.



Tiger Nuts contain plenty of important nutrients that are particularly essential during pregnancy. Pregnant women must consume 5 ounce protein on a daily basis. One ounce of tiger nut contains 2 ounce of protein as per USDA. hence discussing tiger nuts and pregnancy is a must.

Nuts are a rich source of vitamin B and E.
Essential minerals such as phosphorous, potassium, zinc, selenium, copper are also present in high amounts that are essential for proper development of the fetus.
Nuts are a good source of fat.
The shelled nuts must be stored in airtight containers or in a fridge to ensure they do not go rancid.
Nuts roasted in oil contain unnecessary calories and high amount of protein.
Nuts when toasted taste good, but reduce the nutrient content.
Nuts such as peanuts, almonds, cashews and walnuts are high in fat and are good sources of minerals and vitamins.
Nuts can be a good choice when you are looking for healthy snacking options.
Hence benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy cannot be over emphasized, however it should be consumed in moderation.



It helps increased production of oestrogen

Extracts of tiger nut has been found to increase the female reproductive hormones oestrogen. This hormone is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics A study carried out by Agbai E.O and Nwanengwo C. O showed that methanolic extract of Cyperus esculentus significantly increased serum estrogen level as the dose concentration of extract increased.

It helps in Presence of the antioxidant, Vitamin E

Research has also shown that vitamin E, present in tiger nut can help trigger normal menstruation and prevent ovulation decline, which is one of the reasons many older women have trouble getting pregnant . It can also be useful for those undergoing fertility treatments, boosting the success rate of pregnancy . Vitamin E plays a very good role in formation and maintenance of the placenta and also prevent premature rupture of the amniotic sac in pregnancy.




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