General Marriage Motivation

A Virtuous Woman

This article is to describe the identity of a virtuous woman. She is everywhere in the world with her uniqueness and dynamic virtues. Don’t criticize, fight, misunderstand take advantage or ignore her, celebrate HER!
Out of so many female
Out of so many wombed-creature
Out of so many woman
A virtuous woman stands out
She is a woman of virtues
Dignified among many
She is a woman of dignity
Her head is raised like unicorn
Her price is in negotiable
She is far above rubies
Her preserved lips are like drop of honey
Among millions of ladies, a Virtuous Woman standout distinct
She fears the Lord with the whole of her heart
She is not with lying lips
Not with deceptive appearance
A Virtuous Woman is as pretty as the moon
As beautiful as the sun
She is trust worthy and endowed with wisdom
She is as wonderful as flying eagle
She takes care of her family and does it with the fear of God
She is the mother of her children and wife of her husband
A Virtuous Woman food is healing to the weak souls and deliverance to the oppressed
She draws many to herself and admired by all
She leaves not her children wanting or hungry
She is a man with womb, her husband call her excellent and her children blessed
She hopes and plans ahead
Home without a virtuous Woman is like grave yard
A gathering without her is incomplete
An organization without her is aimless
A church without her is cold
A Virtuous Woman is original and not fake
She is a good gift to the world
She is a chosen vessel in the sight of God
She is costlier than gold
A blessing to the creations

I celebrate womanhood.



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