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How to discover your purpose as a Woman

The essence of this article is to motivate, encourage and inspire women.
Womanhood is blessed, a distinct creation of God,
God entrusted the savior of mankind to a woman and created her to be helpmeet to man
Woman is the medium of continuity of God’s divine purpose an epitome of God’s creation
There are special assignment God have committed only to woman to do, such is the privilege of pregnancy and the pains of birth, of all the right women. The greatest is to be a mother,
The mother may nurse at her breast, her husband, her children and even her career with this she has ability to pass on the very of her to those she will influence.
She is a unique being with reproductive strength

The word ‘Purpose’ has made us to realized as a believer that although heaven is a reality for us, then, there is still need to be relevant here on earth.
The greatest breakthrough for anyone is to know undoubtedly why she is here on earth
The discovery of purpose gives your life direction and focus
Note it is important to understand that no matter the circumstance of your birth what, you were created for a purpose, the fact that you are not a mistake or genetic mismatch should boost your confidence.
Even in the time of difficulty, you need to be strengthen by the knowledge that you are an important part of God’s agenda. Remember your gender can not limit you.
You also need to know that God has before hand designed your life in such a way that everything you need to become what he has ordained you to become are already in you. What is left for you to do, is to discover them for a purpose,
True life begins with living your life
The best way to start on this journey of self discovery is by going back to the source – The Almighty
Purpose begins and ends with HIM.
Steps to Discover Yourself
Know who you are: you have to understand your emotional composition that is your personality, what are your strengths and weakness
Know what you have: what are your inherent talents? God has not place this natural ability in you by accident. Do you love to sing, dance, write, talk, help? Etc. never look down on these seemingly little things, as they could help you solve the mystery of who you are.
Know what you love: what do you have passion for? Passion refers to strong feelings which you have towards something. What is that thing you are willing and ready to do without pay? pay attention to that passion of yours .God placed it in you for purpose.
Know your past experiences: God occasionally allows us to go through certain experiences, in life in order to prepare us for some future assignment or challenges, it was not accident that Moses spent some years in wilderness before he was called to shepherd the children of Israel

A woman who is not defined, is a woman that will be defile



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