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Philippians 4:1-23.
Paul expressed a situation where he was in a great need and how he got strength and answers from God through His word. He actually acknowledged his needs, but never succumbed to the pressures from the demands of his needs.
Paul learnt in the midst of his needs how to abase so as to abound. That is, he learnt contentment and humility.
You can not define life in terms of needs or with respect to needs. There will always be a need in your lives at the different certain stages of life. There are basic needs of life which include among others; food, clothing, shelter… It is when these needs are settled that one thinks of marriage and relationships.
You need to have self-esteem and self-respect in order to command respect from others, thereby you achieve confidence. These are parts of the needs of life.
Paul got his confidence through the words of God to move on; until he began to move some needs were never met in his life.

Don’t be moved by your needs, let your eyes be fixed by grace in God’s words. Paul resolved that whether he got his needs or not, he will move on to fulfill purpose. For some people, their needs are stumbling blocks to their purpose.
To most singles, the prevalent need is how to get married. The instruction from God is that, “DON’T WORRY.” Therefore, instead of being bothered and pressed over your prevalent needs, rejoice and look up to God in prayers. By this, you will not get stocked because your testimonies are on the way and you will celebrate.

Cast your burden on Jesus.

The way the world defines our needs is different from the way the Bible defines them. The more reason you need to study and believe the word of God, and put your trust only in Him. Your needs or possessions can not define you. Only your spirit working in accordance with the Spirit of God and God-given abilities and potentials can rightly define you (in the will of God).

Needs are psychological on nature while pressures are socio-cultural or environmental in nature. So don’t allow pressures to overwhelm you, wait on God’s will. In your ability, there is a divine partnership. It is the strength of God that will make you to abase so as to abound and present nothing from stopping you.

Life doesn’t depend on marriage; it’s only part of your purpose. Your purpose is greater than marriage, so don’t be limited by the need to get married. Pursue purpose and wait patiently on God.

“The person waiting is the one that is walking yet not weary. He is the one who keeps moving on in life, watching God regardless the pressures of his needs as such to manifest God’s will.”


Make this confession to yourself by faith and believe God I may not always have what and all I need, but by the grace of God, they will never deter me from fulfilling God’s purpose.



CREDIT: Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

Senior Pastor, The Fountain of Life Church.



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