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Infant, Toddler, and Children Fashion trends are all about fanciful and bold patterns, bright colors, stripes, and most importantly comfort.  When shopping for children clothing, look for the below five C fashion attributes before you purchase an Item.

  1. The outfit has to have unique As a mother you will feel high in any outfit with unique designs at every occasion, same way your child will stand out with unique characteristics in his or her outfit at any event.
  2. The outfit has to be Comfortable.  Children should be able to run and play in their outfits without the hassle of having something on that’s too tight, small, big, etc.
  3. The outfit has to be Classy.  Yeah children also deserves classy outfit! Your child will be excited with the compliment she will receive because of the classy outfit and it is another way to teach how to be fashionable at tender age.
  4. The outfit has to be Cost effective. When shopping for your children, consider the family budget. Remember that children are growing everyday and they are going to grow out of that size in a couple of months.
  5. The outfit has to be Captivating. Your child’s outft has to draw attention of people around.  There is nothing like walking into a store, and seeing an outfit that stands out better than the rest. Let the outfit be simply adorable.

Here are some adorable outfits that follow my 5C’s of Fashion for children!

I‘ll love to read in your comment the trends and attributes you look for when shopping for your little ones.



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