Women’s Make–up for different faces

Women and make up go together. If someone tells us that we need to step outside our homes without make up, we hit a panic button. But yet do we really know how to do make up? We come across different make up styles and make up products, but don’t know how to go about selecting the best make up for ourselves.

In this section on women makeup, we bring you make up tips and make up ideas so that you can select the best make up for every occasion. After all, a party make up has to be different from an office make up.

Makeup for Black Women

One of the major problems in make-up comes when you have a darker complexion. If you are going about selecting makeup for black women, the most important thing to keep in mind is colours. You need to select cosmetics and shades of makeup that compliment your skin complexion instead of making you look dark. How about selecting a bronze look? It gives a very sophisticated look to black women. One important make up tip is to go for shades of brown to give a mature and smart look through your makeup. You can also try shades of pink, but of course you need to do it smartly.

Make up brushes

The next important thing that comes into play while applying make-up is the selection of makeup brushes. You can’t buy one make up brush and think that it will work for everywhere you want to do a touch up. Have a soft brush and select different brushes for highlighters, touch ups and eye shadows.

Make up for older women

When we age, we need to be very careful of the makeup we select for ourselves. We definitely can’t wear the same makeup we used to wear when we were in our 20s. Invest in a good eye liner and mascara and keep your eye shadows limited. For the face, a good compact, concealer and foundation work well. Keep it simple, yet elegant.

Make up products

Another very important thing in makeup is selecting the right make up products. You definitely don’t want to have rashes and skin allergies. Don’t go for cheap make up products that you are not very sure of. Go for brands that you are comfortable with. Keep your skin type in mind and the frequency in which you are going to use the product before purchasing any make up or cosmetic.

Natural Beauty

A good make up idea is to look natural, even if you have make up on. Having a plastic look with layers and layers of make up is just going to make you look artificial and fake. Keep it simple and try to keep a sober look. If you are doing make up for day time, then select from day shades and your party time or night make up can be a bit more alive. Keep the occasion in mind before getting all set to apply make up.

We want to look pretty but according to the occasion and situation. Every day can’t be a wedding day.




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