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How To Get Corporate Sponsorships For Anything

This article is designed to show you how to get corporate sponsorships for your business, ideas, books, events etc.

Common Misconceptions
Some people think that their business is too small. Others believe erroneously believe that sponsorship is for “big” Companies.
By answering the following questions, you will realize that your company can add value to sponsors by building relationships with brands that fit your mission.
Why is my audience valuable?
This is perhaps the most important thing for your sponsor.
Consider which companies align with your brand and want to talk to your audience.
Information You Should Provide:
• Who is your audience?
• How many will come?
• Demographic information (age, education, profession, income group
• Promotion and Media Plans to attract the audience
How Credible is Your Event?
A company is always weary about what the outcome of their sponsorship will be. They might not get what they signed up and for and end up losing money. In order to build your credibility as the host, provide the potential sponsor some information about previous events.
• CD full of images, videos, and highlights
• Testimonials from attendees and sponsors
• Add some PR clippings
• List of previous sponsors and their benefits
• Attendance highlights and demographic

How to Get Corporate Sponsorship for Your Small Business

Sponsorship is a mutual business proposition that offers something in exchange for a financial commitment from a corporation. Corporations get a return on their financial “investment,” enhance their profile, associate their brand with a cause or attract customers who support that cause. Sponsorship typically involves a contractual relationship between you (the business owner) and the corporate sponsor.
How do you even get started pursuing sponsorship?
Getting funding from corporations may be a great opportunity for your organization to increase your budget but– you should never haphazardly create a corporate sponsorship program for the sake of filling a budget deficit Before pursuing support from corporations, you first need to know your organizations goals, and then ask and answer these questions:
 What is your organization trying to achieve?
 Can you effectively tell your organizations story?
 What value could your organization provide to a prospective corporate sponsor?
What impact could a corporation make by partnering with your organization?
Why would a corporation want to sponsor me, my brand or my organization?
Corporations must market; sell, build brand loyalty and long term repeat customers. The bottom line is if you can offer an opportunity for a corporation to positively influence their ideal customer or advance their marketing objectives, there is an opportunity for you to get sponsored.
What are some of the biggest challenges when seeking sponsorship?
Two of the biggest challenges are crafting a strong value proposition: What can you offer that will give sponsors a good return on their financial investment. The second big challenge is getting the attention of a sponsor when you don’t already have a relationship with them.
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