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It was the first gift received in my courtship period from my then fiancé now my husband, The Power and the purpose of a woman authored by Dr Myles munroe.


I stumbled on this book in the shelve at the time the whole world were mourning the passing into Glory of this great man of God and his wife (Dr Mlyes and Ruth Munroes.

My consolation is that a Man of purpose do not die but only transit into more glorious place (Heaven)… GOOD NIGHT Dr Myles and Ruth Munroe.


Listed below are the 21 uniqueness of a woman;

  1. A woman is God’s idea.
  2. A woman’s uniqueness is a reflection of God’s purposes and design for her.
  3. The woman has a spirit within her, making her a free and responsible spiritual being.
  4. When you don’t treat a woman right, you have interfered with the spirit-man in the female.
  5. The woman needs to stay connected to her source.
  6. The female was taken out of the male.
  7. A husband should love his wife as he loves himself.
  8. The head of the man is Christ, the head of the woman is the man, and the head of Christ is God.
  9. Christ is the model of our submission.
  10. A woman is not less than her husband, but for God’s purposes, it is her position to submit.
  11. Submission activates heaven.
  12. The man is the woman’s covering.
  13. The source is responsible for the product.
  14. The woman was made for everything the man has.
  15. In the spiritual realm, there is no difference between men and women; but in the physical realm, there has to be the proper relationship of submission.
  16. The woman is ‘weaker’ than the man; delicate, sensitive and absorbent.
  17. The woman was made physically different from the man so that she can bear the offspring of the race.
  18. If you are not sure whether you are a female or a male, the evidence is in your physical design.
  19. The relationship between God and man is intended to be expressed through the relationship between male and female.
  20. The woman was placed in the garden along with the male.
  21. A woman cannot fulfill her purpose unless she is in relationship with God.



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