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Natural ways to maintain natural facial look


Every woman is conscious of her facial looks and often pays more attention to it than every aspect of the body; the reason is not far-fetched because facial looks are the center of attraction to the opposite sex. A good amount of time spent looking into your kitchen cabinets may just provide you with some natural remedies that will save you a life-time of agonies from puffy eyes, lines and wrinkles, dark spot, pimples and the likes.

  1. Line and wrinkles: apply coconut oil on the facial lines and wrinkles every night, as this will eliminate the problem. Fresh egg whites can also be applied over the lines and wrinkles and you will have your desired look.
  2. Puff eyes: cucumber or potato slices cut thinly and placed over closed eyes for a few minutes’ daily will help to solve this issue. A metal spoon run under cold water and placed over the puffy eyes for some seconds will reduce puffiness.
  3. Pimples: wash your face twice daily with salty warm water. It removes the oil from your face without leaving it dry and you can also apply toothpaste (Not gel) on a pimple over night it will dry it completely.
  4. Acne scars: cut a few lemons and squeeze out the juice, apply this with cotton wool directly on to the acne scars on the face. Allow it to remain for some time and then wash with only water.
  5. Dark spot: massage your face with a little Shea butter and pay attention to the affected area. Shea butter is 100% natural it can be used daily or when it is necessary.



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  • The all-round facial kitchen ingredient is Turmeric powder. Just apply on face, neck and other trouble areas after making a paste with water, lemon, green tea or milk depending on skin type and what you aim to achieve.
    Works superbly for everyone…consistency is key.

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