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Congratulations!!! Your wedding is on the way and marital status will soon change. The date for the big event has been picked or about to, once again I congratulate you, this informative article is to help you in your planning process for your wedding and at the end it will worth the time spent to read it.

There is need to remind ourselves the difference between wedding and marriage. A wedding is the act, ceremony or event of getting married while marriage is a long term relationship between two individuals. However, it is pathetic to know that some couples to be seek loan from financial institutions, families or friends to have their ‘talk of the city wedding’, celebrity’s wedding etc.

Let me whisper this truth to you as couple to be that marriage begins when wedding ends and there will be more financial responsibility to handle in marriage than wedding.

Personally, I don’t believe in the school of thought that sees nothing wrong in getting loan. I don’t also support the idea of becoming a burden to the family and friends to have your wedding done. Please do not misunderstand my point. Your family members and friends can be of great help for your wedding but let them be willing to help you and not been a burden on them.

It is sad that we have some marriages that collapse within short period in our days with variety of reasons from the couple concerned but some marriages end because of finance matters which always started during the honeymoon. Grace festus Alao says ‘it is suppose to be your honeymoon, don’t let it be honeysun by turning it to a loan payback period’.

You do not have to incur debt in order to have a fabulous and beautiful wedding day. Here are some ways to have financial stress-free wedding.



  • Have a budget

As a bride to be, it is wisdom not to set exuberant wedding budget for your husband to be thus putting him on unnecessary pressure. Customize your wedding to fit within your budget. You may have good reason to go out of your way to spend much on your wedding after all it is a once in a life time event but let it be within your budget and affordable. You do not have to impress anyone with your wedding, let your marriage do that for you. There is no need to borrow to feed both your friends and enemies or don’t you know your enemies will also attend the wedding?


  • Have a guest list

This is the major way to reduce cost on your wedding day. You do not need to invite 500 guests when your budget can only cater for 200 guests. You could keep your guests list to immediate family and close friends.


  • Set priority on important things

Check your list and only place priority on the important items e.g items on the traditional wedding list, clothes, food etc

  • Choose a day in a week

There is no day in a week that wedding cannot hold. You can choose to have your wedding on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday depending on your budget.


  • Consider a convenient month

There is always good number of wedding events at the end of every year, though the cause for this end of the year ‘rush’ has not yet been revealed. If you know additional two month will help your planning and finance; please exercise patient to avoid unnecessary financial pressure.


  • Get things done through family and friends

Browse through your network of friends and identify anyone with gift or talent that can be of help to reduce your expenses.



Wish you a great success in your marital home.


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