Searching for that name to give your little baby Igbo princess? Motherhood Nigeria is glad to take that one worry off your shoulders, knowing how overwhelming welcoming a newborn can be.

The Igbo people are a majority tribe from the southeastern part of Nigeria. According to their traditional religion, there is a supreme God called ‘Chukwu’ (the great spirit), who is the creator of the world and everything in it; minor gods make sacrifices to him. Although a majority of Igbo’s are now Christians, the belief in their traditional religion is still retained.

50 unique Igbo names for Boys

In naming children, the events/circumstances surrounding the child’s birth are all put into consideration. As the Igbo’s are also profoundly religious, most Igbo names have a Chi (God) connotation.

So, whether you are an old soul and would prefer core Igbo names such as Obiageli; or you are in search of unique, modern and trendy names such as Zioranachidinma, we’ve got it all covered! We almost added Mgbeke and Mgboafor to the list; but thought, which parent would give their daughter this sort of name in 2018? Surely not you!


As present  1OO Unique name for Baby girl  and their meaning, hopefully, you find a name for your baby girl from our list below:

Igbo names for girls

NAME                                            MEANING

  1. Adaego Daughter of wealth
  2. Adaeze                    Daisy Daughter of a King/Princess
  3. Adaiba The people’s daughter/ Daughter of the people
  4. Adaku Daughter born into wealth/ to bring wealth to the family
  5. Adamma Beautiful daughter
  6. Adanna Her father’s daughter
  7. Adanne Her mother’s daughter
  8. Adaobi First daughter in the family compound (obi)
  9. Adaolisa God’s daughter
  10. Adaora The people’s daughter
  11. Adaugo                         Beautiful daughter/Daughter of an eagle
  12. Adauke Daughter of Uke (a town in Anambra State)
  13. Adaure/Adure Daughter of Uruala (a town in Imo State)
  14. Ahunna Body of her father
  15. Akuada   Daughter born into wealth/ to bring wealth to the family
  16. Amaka    Beautiful/good
  17. Amara/Amarachi/Amarachukwu Mercy of God
  18. Anwuli        Joy
  19. Anwulichukwu Joy of the lord
  20. Anwulika                                     My joy is great/Joy is greater
  21. Apunanwu                             Precious girl/ beautiful girl/ not to be tainted by the sun
  22. Azuka Confidence/ Confidence built on past experiences
  23. Binyelum Stay with me
  24. Chetachi              Remember God
  25. Chiachogo                             God has decorated me/ God has beautified me
  26. Chiagozie                         God has blessed me
  27. Chiamaka God is beautiful/good
  28. Chiasoka     God is too sweet
  29. Chiazakam     God answered me well
  30. Chiazokam      God saved me well
  31. Chibarameze/Chimeremeze      God called/made me a king
  32. ChibinobimChiby God dwells in my heart
  33. Chibuifem God is my light
  34. ChibundoChibu God is my shelter
  35. Chibuogwu/ Chibuogu God is my medicine/ my strength
  36. ChideraDera Once God writes/says it (destiny can’t be changed)
  37. Chidiebere God is merciful
  38. Chidinma                            God is good
  39. Chidiogo God is gracious
  40. Chidumebi  God lives with me/ God leads me in my daily life
  41. Chielotem God has remembered me
  42. Chigozie Bless me oh lord
  43. Chijioke                                              God holds my share/ Talent (or blessings) belong to God, He decides whom he gives it to
  44. Chikairanyelu We’ve committed it to God/ In God’s hands
  45. Chikamdabere                                 I’m leaning on God
  46. Chikamharida May I not fail, lord
  47. Chikanene/ Chikanele/ Chikamnele It’s God we are looking up to
  48. Chikanyima/ Chikaima It’s only God we know
  49. Chikaodili                  it’s all up to God
  50. Chikasirimobi God consoled me
  51. Chikenyelum God gave me my portion
  52. Chikumnaka God is carrying me in his hands
  53. Chikwudolum  God stood for me
  54. ChilotemLo Lo,   Remember me oh lord
  55. Chimagozielam My God has blessed me
  56. Chimamanda/ Chiamanda My God will not fail/ God will not fail
  57. Chimasoka My God is too sweet
  58. Chimbuchi My God is God
  59. Chimbusomma My God is so beautiful
  60. Chimdi/Chidi            My God is a living God/ is alive
  61. Chimdiomimi My God is mysterious
  62. Chimdiuto My God is sweet
  63. Chimedaramobi God consoled me/comforted me
  64. Chimeremma God has done something good
  65. EzinneZinny Good mother
  66. Ginika What is greater
  67. Ginikachukwu What is greater than God
  68. GinikanwaNwa What is greater than a child
  69. HaluchiLuchi Leave it for God
  70. IfechukwuIfe      Light of GodI
  71. FedikachiakonamIfedi  I never lack the presence of God in my life
  72. IfedimmaIfe Something good
  73. Ifekerenma/ Ihekerenma Beautifully created
  74. Ifemyolunna What I asked of God/ What I prayed for
  75. IfeomaOma, Ify A good thing
  76. IfeyinwaNwa,  Nothing can be compared to a child
  77. Ifunany Love
  78. Ihuomachukwu God’s Favour
  79. Ijeawele Smooth journey
  80. Kamsiyochukwu As I asked God, so he answered/ God granted my request
  81. Kamtochukwu Let me praise God
  82. Lotachukwu Remember your God
  83. Ngozi Blessing
  84. Ngozika Great blessing
  85. Njideka             A bird in the hand/ Surviva
  86. LNkechinyere The one given to me by God
  87. Nkemdilim May what is mine be
  88. Nkwachi God’s promise
  89. Nneamaka Mother(hood) is beautiful
  90. Soluzochukwu Follow the way of God
  91. Somadina  shall not exist alone
  92. Somtochukwu Praise God with me
  93. Sopuruchichukwu Honour/respect God
  94. UgonmaUgo A beautiful eagle
  95. Ugonna     Her father’s eagle / Her father’s pride
  96. Ugonwa                     House of wealth
  97. Zikora, Ebube                              Show the world the glory of God
  98. Zikoraifechineme Let the world see the lord’s doing
  99. Zikorammachukwu  Show the world the goodness/beauty of God
  100. Zikoranachidinma  the world that the Lord is good