This is real stories of real people. they are all first-time mums and their stories are full of useful tips for pregnant women and new mums. I could caption their stories as ‘life lesson class of motherhood’. there are a lot of lessons to learn from their experiences;  this includes how to prepare your body for vaginal delivery and when to start the preparation, what to do when you experience postnatal depression, dos and don’ts when you had episiotomy, how to get your body to heal fast when you deliver your baby through cesarean section and a lot of useful tips. this was shared on our BB channel over 11k subscribers.

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  1. khadijat

Am a first-time mums and had my baby through vaginal delivery without any cut. prior to my expected due date (EDD) i usually massage my perineum twice daily, had enough sex with husband even though I don’t enjoy it because it’s not comfortable due to my pregnancy stage but heard it helps relax the  perineum to make it elastic during childbirth and last but not the least I prayed for God’s intervention.

  1. genevieve
    my experience vaginal delivery but experienced episiotomy. I never thought would get through it,  the thought of not pooping even though I feel like, mhen, it’s scary!. Don’t mean to scare you but I pulled through and guessed what? I visited the gynecologist with so many complaints as I was to be in the hospital for three days and he advised me to take the cover cap full of Goya oil three times daily to help soften my stool to avoid pushing or forcing it when I want to poop, I was also told to splash warm water on the site every time I used the toilet and sit on a wooden stool at all times. it all worked like a magic, that’s my wonderful first-time experience.


  1. Aisha

I had my baby through vaginal and with small tears. The nurses specifically told me not to sit inside antiseptic, just to do sit bath with only warm water and I was healed fast.


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  1. Nabil

I had an episiotomy, it was crazy because no one prepared my mind for such experience. it was difficult to sit and the baby was crying throughout the night for food. I had high blood pressure after birth, I was scared to poop, it was a painful and stressful experience but with good hygiene and sit bath, I was healed within 9 days, though different people come with their advice, I only practice what I was taught during antenatal sections at the clinic.

  1. Layne

Mine was vaginal birth but has the episiotomy and my doctor advised me not to sit on hot water, he said I should ensure the stitches site is always dry as to heal fast before two weeks it healed. hmmm, motherhood experience is the best experience a woman should pray for.

  1. Arike

I’m a first-time mum, had an episiotomy,  the first week after childbirth, I thought I would not be able to make it through. I could not sit or stand without support, my breast was engorged as the baby was n’t sucking much, I couldn’t sleep well at night like before, chai nobody forewarned me. I had to call my pastor’s wife and few experienced friends. their advice helped plus great support from my mum with bathing the baby and I, then the sit bath and was completely healed within six weeks.


  1. Belinda

Mine was through caesarean section and recovery was hard, what helped me was a lot of rest, thanks to my mum for delicious food and take my medication religiously. Adjusting to the new role of motherhood was not easy being a first-time mum. I would wake up in the middle of the night and cry my eyes to sleep. Had postnatal depression for few weeks, what help me was talking about my feelings to trusted friends and family, they encourage and support me. Their advice and prayer with great support from my mum really helped me to be out of depression in no time.

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  1. Kenny

I gave birth through c section. I sat up the same day in the evening. started moving around slowly the second day of the delivery and by the third day, my movement was better. What helped me was heavy antibiotics, the injections were much given to me and also it was an elective c section so mind was prepared and the joy of holding my baby.


  1. Seliat

My experience was elective c section. I had a bit of difficult pregnancy. The scary part was the starting the epidural block, I was bent over a pillow with the anaesthetist pushing a long needle into my lower spine. it hurt and the pains were out of this world and the worse is that the doctor had to try it 6 times before getting it right, support from family made my recovery fast and determination to care for my baby boy.

  1. Chioma

I went through episiotomy, I could barely sit. I did sit bath for 5 to 10 minutes daily, I eat fruits so as not to be constipated as hard stool could cause a tear on the sutured episiotomy site. Also, good hygiene is very important to avoid infections. Support from my mum to take care of the baby was really helpful because I had time to relax my body.


Please note not their real names used to published this stories.


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