As mothers we never want to see our children sick, it’s often painful for us to see our children in discomfort and couple with how difficult to comfort them when they don’t understand why they are sick.

Protecting our children’s health is our biggest priority as parents while it’s inevitable that they can create cold germs or other viral infections as they grow, how we treat them when they get sick is of utmost importance.

Here are some of basic safety tips to know before administer medicine for children:


  1. Read the label carefully each time: it does not matter if you just opened the bottle or using up the last dose, read the dosage direction carefully.
  2. Read what active ingredient(s) are in the medicine and let your doctor know of any allergic reaction to the medication.
  3. Choose the right strength to avoid accidental overdose. An adult strength formula can be deadly for an infant or toddler.
  4. Use the dosing tool that comes with the medicine: a different cup or kitchen spoon might hold too much medicine hence result in overdose.
  5. Let one parent be responsible for administering medicine: if neither parent knows the other one has already administer the medication to the child, this could lead to double dosing and overdose.
  6. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if this medicine will mix with vitamins or other medication your child may be taking.
  7. Know your child weight: this is the most reliable way to gauge the correct dosage for your child.
  8. Know the difference between a table spoon (Tbs) and a teaspoon (Tsp): a table spoon holds three times as much medicine as a teaspoon.
  9. Keep all medications in a safe place out of reach of children.
  10. Look at the expiration date of the medicine carefully.



Trust you find these tips useful