7 Special ways to surprise your husband on Valentine’s Day

It not only women that like surprise gestures, you will be amazed how your husband will like Valentine surprise package, yes surprise package! Men have always seemed to take the reins when it comes to planning Valentine’s Day celebrations (did I see women protest against that statement? Lol). This year, women should take the reins on the Valentine’s Day festivities. Consider using one or more of these 7 ways to surprise your husband this Valentine’s Day.

1. Send a Surprise
Big or small gift he is not expecting or has no idea coming will really do a great wonder when you send it to him at work. Send a gift you know he’ll love, you can also have a personalized gift just for him.

2. Book a Get away
Your husband will love some alone time with you on a fabulous get away weekend for two. If money is no object, book a vacation somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going. If money is a little tight, book a vacation in an affordable hotel or search for discounted last minute packages. It doesn’t matter if the hotel isn’t exactly five star accommodation. Your man will love the time alone with you no matter where you are.
3. Leave Love Notes Around
This is very affordable by any woman, but equally meaningful surprise would be placing notes in his daily routine, proclaiming things you love about him. Put them inside his briefcase, laptop, in his shoes, with his sandwich, on his car windshield, and anywhere else he might look during the day. Choose the right words in your note; I love you, I respect you, I honour, you are my hero, I appreciate you, thank God you are my husband, you are my good head, add your own flavor to it.
4. Do Something He Loves
Every man has something he likes to do that his wife doesn’t enjoy. For a special Valentine’s Day surprise, give your husband time to do that. Watching the games, playing soccer with friends or having time to himself might be the best holiday surprise for him.

5. Give Him What He’s Always Wanted
Your husband has probably hinted (either subtly or not so subtly) about something he really wants. It could be a tech gadget, book. DVD, a fitness booster, a car service—whatever it is, it’ll mean a lot if you get that thing for him this Valentine’s Day.

6. Create a book for him.
The time you will invest on this gift will not be much because you do not need a professional book publishing service for it. But I bet you, it will leave positive and indelible marks in your marriage. You can have 3, 5 or more pages book titled ‘The man I marry’ write why you love your husband, good qualities about him and more positive words he will love to hear. It will help you to focus on the things you love about your husband and not his shortcomings.

7. Create an intimate Valentine’s Day evening at home
An evening without the children interference will be a good idea. Prepare the dinner together with romantic music of your choice turn on! While you are in the dining let the romantic moves begin…..

Happy Val!

I will love to read your Val ideas in your comment.



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